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Path to the Light Vol. 3 (English, Hardcover)

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With characteristic wisdom and humor, the Rav decodes the Bible’s grand saga to uncover a truly holy, timeless, unchanging communication from one generation to the next. In this volume we find discussions on the portions of Vayetze, Vayishlach, and Vayeshev. These readings are perhaps some the most enigmatic and unsavory of all Torah portions, yet with the Rav’s insight, Jacob’s ladder becomes an explanation for the very structure of reality itself, as well as the means by which the miracle on Mount Sinai came into being, when the blessing of the Torah was given to humankind. We see that the word Sulam, Hebrew for “ladder,” has the numerical value of 130, the same value of the word Sinai, making both the metaphor and the practical connection crystal clear. Here the Rav reveals the real structure and purpose of the universe, along with a methodology for embarking on a quest for truth, peace, wisdom, and the secret of spiritual correction.