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Shabbat Bundle

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As we adjust to spending more Shabbats at home during these unique times, we’ve

bundled together all the essentials you need for a homestyle Shabbat.


Part 1: Kabbalistic Bible - Numbers (English)

To grasp the inner meaning of the book of Numbers, one has to comprehend the innate energy of the desert as a spiritual vacuum. More than just a physical environment, the desert represents the darkness of our ego that we are meant to overcome in order to bring the Light into our lives. It is the ego that we are ultimately enslaved to as it hides in our fears, doubts and limitations. As the Israelites who were led by Moses from bondage to the land of Canaan, we too can take control of our own journey by understanding the concepts of slavery and freedom. The purpose of this book is to bring the Creator’s Light into the “desert” in which the world finds itself. The stories guide readers to the Spiritual Promised Land — which is their true destiny.


The text is complimented by excerpts from the Zohar and from the writings of three of history's greatest Kabbalists: Rav Yehuda Ashlag, Rav Yehuda Brandwein, and Rav Berg.


Part 2: Kabbalah on the Sabbath (English)

Kabbalah teaches that the Sabbath or Shabbat—the 24 hour period between sunset Friday and sundown Saturday—is the most powerful day of the week because the spiritual and physical dimensions unite. For centuries, the spiritual technology of Shabbat has been considered as an instrument for humanity to rise above the physical dimension, receive rejuvenating energy, and return restored and replenished to face the opportunities of the coming week. The tools and techniques in this book can be used by anyone to connect with the perfected energy that this special day affords.