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Giving Water - 1L (Case of 12)

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The fundamental teaching of Kabbalah is that in order to live a truly fulfilling life we need to be giving more than we are taking.

The ancient Kabbalists understood water to be the source of all cleansing. By making use of kabbalistic meditations, we further enhance water's innate life-giving properties.

Giving Water is bottled 900 feet from its source, a spring high in the Smokey Mountains. It contains no artificial additives and is naturally alkaline, high in magnesium and calcium and low in sodium. We've specifically moderated the level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to ensure great taste without compromising the benefits of these minerals. Giving Water is infused with intention for body and soul.

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No additives or pH enhancers.

Virgin PET bottles, BPA free.

  • 7.2 pH - Natural Spring Water
  • 900 ft - Bottled 900 ft from the source
  • 1+1 - 1 bottle donated for every bottle purchased
  • 100% - Proceeds to charity
  • Infused with Intention